What I love about jewellery is it’s versatility and timelessness. No matter what style of jewellery you like it has the ability to express a persons inner self. You can change your mood and the mood of your outfit, create balance or add character to classic pieces in your wardrobe. I have a formal background in art and design and have been making jewellery since 2005. Jennifer Cottreau Jewellery was born from the desire to work with my hands and create art again, and what better art to make than the wearable kind!

My focus is to unique fine-fashion jewellery design using quality affordable materials. Sterling Silver and Gold-fill metals are my favourite materials to work with along with gemstones, natural minerals such as pearls and wood.

My jewellery collections are inspired by a diverse assortment of stories: poems, short stories and essays. Some of my greatest inspirations comes from the people I love, and the things I see every day. But I do love to hunt for treasure! I enjoy coaxing interesting stories from the everyday. Each is unique and intertwined with a jewellery collection. Selections of the writings are taken and used in the shop area with each collection. If you like a story please share it with a friend.

I invite you to explore the stories, bring your unique experiences and creativity to make each story your own.