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Do you have jewellery pieces that need a refresh? If you you’ve got a favourite piece of fine or fine-jewellery that needs some TLC there are options to reinvigorating them and making them look brand new.


This gold plated sterling silver ring had the plating removed to show the solid sterling silver underneath.

New again – renewed beauty
Quality jewellery that’s plated in rhodium, gold or sterling silver can be refinished. Plating can be removed from some designs to show the sterling silver or gold underneath. If you’re piece is made of brass and plated then it can be replated in white rhodium, black rhodium, yellow gold, rose gold or sterling silver.

The ring shown on the left was a 14k gold plated sterling silver puzzle ring. I removed the plating and polished it to show it’s original beauty.

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With everyday wear over time your wedding band or favourite ring can develop tiny scratches that dull the finish. It’s natural and it happens to any piece of jewellery that you wear frequently on your hand or wrist. Metals aren’t so hard and resistant that they never scratch, some metals are softer than others but most jewellery is made of an alloy (combination or metals) to improve its durability.

It’s important to keep your prized and precious accessories looking their best with regular cleanings and the occasional buff and polish. The gold band in these pictures was cleaned first, then had the scratches buffed out, and then last it was polished to high shine (you can see me in the ring taking the picture!).

Before and after the cleaning, buffing and polishing.

Before and after the cleaning, buffing, and polishing.

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