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It’s time for energy, sparkle, and fun – and that’s what Verve is all about. With a high shine and a hammered finish this collection is brimming with joie de vivre. Be inspired by the shimmering textured metal and let them put a bounce in your step. They are lively and spirited reminders not to take things too seriously.

“Allow yourself to sparkle in something unique
and distinctive because you deserve to shine.”

These are easy to wear everyday pieces that are versatile enough to wear for work and play. View the Verve Collection and gift yourself or someone special. Register on the official shop to gain access to Wish Lists.


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Do you love fabrics? I do, I love the colours, patterns, and textures of both fashion and decor textiles. Anytime I go into a fabric store it’s a treat for the senses and I can’t help but touch. I’m drawn in by the artistry, allure, and feel of luxurious fine fabrics. So inspiring and enjoyable, they’re a tactile and sensual form of art. You wear jewellery close against your skin just like clothing, and each element (metal, gemstone, fabric) has it’s own distinctive feel.

This new collection is inspired not just by fabrics but also by the making of fabrics. These bracelets are each hand woven on a bead loom, which is very similar to a textile loom (but much smaller of course). I really enjoy metalsmithing and working with a torch and hammer, but there’s something very therapeutic about weaving on a loom.

You wear jewellery close against your skin just like clothing, and each element (metal, gemstone, fabric) has it’s own distinctive feel.

These warm and radiant Textura bracelets are currently available in gold and four colours. From top to bottom: Viola purple, Forest green, Denim blue, and Blaze red.

The sophisticated striped pattern is inspired by ticking, which is fairly traditional, but I opted for an asymmetrical design that brings a modern edge to the classic stripe. Cool smooth Delica beads in shimmering vibrant colours give contrast to the softness of velvety ultrasuede. These bracelets are a combo of being down-to-earth and lively at the same time.

In a fun play on fashion accessories the Textura bracelet is like a belt for your wrist. It simply slips on over your hand, and you use the ultrasuede thong to adjust the bracelet just like a belt, I call it a “belted bracelet”. They are my playful go to accessories when I want a hit of colour and shimmer that’s harmonious with a casual ensemble. You can pair these versatile pieces with a crisp cotton shirt, or a top and your favourite jeans. You can also wear it with a maxi dress, pull over, or tunic and tights.

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