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Noir Sterling Silver Blackened Cross Necklace PendantDid you ever play the shadow game when you were a kid? I played it at night with only one or two lights on – enough to cast large shadows. The only rule was that you absolutely had to stay in the light. This is how it worked, the first person to reach a designated point or area without any part of their body touching or being in a shadow would win. The dark was a dangerous place where scary things would hide, so it wasn’t a place to be. Staying in the light was safe, as long as you were there nothing could harm you.

Noir Sterling Silver Blackened Earrings

Noir Sterling Silver Blackened Cross Earrings

At some point when you get older your perspective changes. The shadows become a place where you can practice your covert ninja skills, where you can be inconspicuous with feline stealth.

The dark morphed into a familiar place where you couldn’t see me, but I could see you. At night you can be introspective, examine your thoughts, and explore your depths. There your imagination is free from daylight realities. So in the quiet embrace of the shadows you can be yourself, or who you want to be, feel what you want to feel, free of judgement and shame.

Noir Sterling Silver Blackened Cross Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Blackened Cross Pendant Necklace

The Noir Collection was inspired by those nights that embrace us in a blanket of twilight. Each piece is an expression of our desire to feel the full spectrum of emotions we’re meant to feel. We should revel in our happiness, acknowledge our sadness, and never be afraid to show our true selves. To live a full life we need to know and love who we are in the light and in the dark.

Created in sterling silver the ambiance created by these deep charcoal pieces are delicate yet intense. Forged and patina’d by hand they’re evocative, feminine, and assertive. Reminiscent of vintage blacksmithed iron this collection is versatile with everyday appeal. Each piece has a protective coating of jeweller’s wax that gives them a soft sheen and a long durable life.

Wear Noir to remind you that not everything you find in the dark is negative. Show your strength and embrace the beauty of your dark side. The Noir Collection is available at

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I create tokens of positive living. What does that mean? Years ago I started making jewellery. I took classes taught by local artisans and jeweller’s, and for a while I had little confidence in what I was doing. Over time it evolved into something much more than a hobby, I needed it, but not just as a creative outlet. Every time I wore a finished piece it reminded me “you can do this, you can do whatever you put your mind to“. Even now when I wear my work it reminds me “yes you can!” It encourages me to continue, it reminds me not to be apprehensive about trying new things. These pieces ended up being tokens of thinking positive for me, I didn’t even realize it at the time.

This revelation, that I’ve been creating tokens of positive living, has become my guide, my purpose. Through this process I’ve grown more confident and more courageous. Now I’m compelled to share my work and my passions. To put a smile on your face with talismans that will lift your spirits (like they lifted mine). My hope is that they’ll be whatever you need them to be: stylish accessories, points of inspiration, or affirmations. We treasure jewellery for its beauty, for the beauty it imparts on us, and for its sentimental significance. Jewellery is meant to remind us of something good, whatever that may be.

Use these pieces to delight day-to-day, celebrate a special day, or revel in an achievement (past or present). The work that I create is an expression of my desire to let you know that you are worthy of love and belonging, you are worthy of happiness and success.

These tokens are intended to remind you of the positive things in your life, whether it’s cherished relationships, a great experience you want to remember, or just because you like it and it makes you feel beautiful. You deserve to feel and look your best. You deserve to shine, be courageous and show your creativity, flourish and live your life wholeheartedly.

Discover more about expressions of positive living, my creative influences and inspirations, and creative process.

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