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Introducing The Mesh Collection. Above are soft and luxurious sterling silver bracelets in: single, double and triple widths.

The Mesh Collection story is a prose-poem or paragraph poem. It speaks about our connection to everything, the network or “mesh” that exists, and how each of us is a link in that mesh that creates our vibrant and diverse world. The jewellery in the collection is all created using a unique S-link chainmaille that symbolizes the mesh in the story.

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The Mesh
Floating in the black is a grand blue and green jewel. Quietly she revolves with a slight tilt while circling effortlessly around our star. Veiled under an undulating azure and white vault is a vibrant network of life, the surface below it is layered with unimaginable variety. From seed to creature, each takes its own journey over the rhythm of the land, or through the oscillating seas.

Every thing that is alive is a shimmering link that connects with all others, creating a mesh that blankets the globe. It is the living world, sharing every breath of air, drop of water, and warmth from the fiery sun. Every singular thread comes together for the greater whole, to create a diverse tapestry of great courage and strength. Joined together by an invisible bond we give the nexus a voice.

This wandering sphere isn’t a lonely traveler, gliding swiftly through the dark, cold, vacuum of space. This true gem carries with her a collective of sacred spirits, who all move forward together.

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